About Us

Our accounting firm, founded in 2008, consists of highly skilled professionals who have deep experience in business management, auditing and tax consulting (big four).
We are customer driven and leverage the outsourcing model to offer solutions in accounting; this approach facilitates the generation of extremely accurate data because we are close to our customers.

Why hire Solution Outsourcing?

We prioritize ethics in all processes.

We work with highly qualified professionals.

Internal processes:
We have a comptroller to review all office processes.

International call:
We have extensive experience in providing services to foreign clients.

Operational Structure:
We have a wide operating structure.


To establish ourselves as the premeir brand for accounting and tax services in our market.  We will achieve this by 1) providing each client with the optimal solution for their business and 2) maintaining the highest ethical standards.


Meet social concerns by providing accurate financial information that exceeds the highest standard of corporate governance.  By providing reliable financial data we are promoting transparency and creating a more business friendly environment.  Consequently, we will assist in generating a stronger national economy.


Because we are the intermediaries between government and business; ethics, transparency, and accountability are fundamental to our operations. We constantly strive to maintain the highest ethical standards in every sphere of our business.  We evaulate our processes and performance daily.  Our agility enables us to spend time collecting data with our client so that we can deliver the best solution for thier business model.  The goal is to provide managers with clear and accurate information in a timely manner so that they can optimize their operations immediately.  We are committed to operational excellence and building strong client relationships.