The Solution Outsourcing’s priority, offer you and your business, the best technical features, comfort and convenience in order to facilitate your business life.
Accounting services to support micro, small and medium enterprises with agility and speed.

§ Bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements;

§ Balance sheets and monthly and annual balance sheets;

§ Statement of income;

§ Other statements required by GAAP;

§ Management reports;

§ Bookkeeping accounting and corporate records;

§ Planning and Tax Management;

§ Determination of direct and indirect taxes;

§ federal, state and local declarations;

§ Consulting in Personal Income Tax Return (PIT);

§ Tax planning and support to foreign individuals residing in Brazil;

§ Payroll Processing;

§ Admissions registration;

§ Tell income;

§ Terminations calculation;

§ Compliance with inspections;

§ Compliance accessories bonds and calculation of withholding social security;

§ Creation of Business;

§ Changes Contractual;

§ Low firms;

§ Settlement of companies with the competent organs;

§ Clearance certificates (Issue and control);

§ Installment tax debts and registration regularization;

The Solution Outsourcing offers the foreign customer a complete solution to settle in Brazil.

§ CNPJ of Issue for the foreign company in Brazil;

§ Constitution of Brazilian company;

§ Providing tax and business address for the company with matching control;

§ Outsourcing accounting, tax and payroll processing;

§ Financial management of Brazilian company;

§ Legal representation of foreign partners in Brazil and management company braisleira (On request);

§ Preparation of annual statement;

§ Preparation of the annual Statement of individual members;